ACME Studios – SWARM 12

ACME Studios – SWARM 12 Sonny Assu | Alexander Bell | Eben Bender | Ensoe | Mike Haller | Duncan McCallum Neal E. Nolan | Scott Sueme | Francis Tiffany | Andrew Young | and more…

Friday, September 9, 6 pm – 2 am Labyrinth Gallery @ ACME Studios Vancouver’s largest organized studio building, ACME Studios, will open its doors on Friday, September 9, 2011 for SWARM 12. The recently formed Labyrinth Art Society will present an exhibition from within ACME’s eighteen studios housing the building’s forty plus artists with works ranging from photography, painting, sculpture and video to design, jewelry and more. The non-profit Labyrinth Art Gallery ( is the venue: a back-alley entrance exhibition space between Columbia and Main streets that creatively utilizes the building’s stairwells and foyers over three floors. Curated by the Labyrinth Art Society with the assistance of the artists in the building, this exhibition will showcase the best works from some of the city’s most promising emerging artists in the spirit of collectivity and collaboration. Proceeds from all sales will be returned to the aritsts and used in coordination with the City’s mandate to develop the 100 block/south side of Hastings Street in a series of fundraiser art exhibits. The event will include a cash bar, cheese plates, music and dancing. The lower level of the building will house the Planet Claire Pop-Up Shop (, featuring sustainable and ethically produced fashion for both men and women as well as jewellery, art and home décor, all of which is hand-selected by Claire from mostly local designers. Two exhibitions will take place simultaneously with the Labyrinth Gallery’s reception. The Remington Gallery (108 E Hastings) will feature works by resident artist Ross Lastname and the Gam Gallery (110 E Hastings) will present the hot rolled steel sculptures of Marina Glynn followed an evening of live music with Those Boys Cassidy and the Tishomingo String Band, by donation. For more information visit Swarm began in 1999 as an event to mark the launch of Vancouver’s artist-run centre programming season, bringing together some of the city’s most vital and innovative contemporary art spaces to open their doors on a single frenetic evening. Swarm soon grew to a multi-night event, incorporating more and more of the city’s ephemeral artist-run initiatives: small DIY spaces, studios-turnedgalleries, roaming public projects, artist collectives, hybrid projects, and more. These initiatives join PAARC member centres to present a diverse spectrum of artistrun culture — the integral and innovative core of the city’s vibrant art community.

Misanthropy presents: l’esprit d’escalier in conjunction with ACME Studios.

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l'esprit d'escalier presented by Labyrinth Artist Society

Friday at 8:00pm – July 30 at 1:00am


Labyrinth Gallery – ACME Studios rear entrance

112 East Hastings
Vancouver, BC

l’esprit d’escalier​ki/L%27esprit_de_l%27escal​ier

Misanthropy gallery founders, Neal Nolan, Eben Bender and Celia King will be hosting a series of exhibits throughout Vancouver this summer. Embracing the challenge of a variety of maladroit locations by manipulating an astute curatorial agenda, applying consideration into the medium of work, process and technical application of each exhibit in order to effectively maintain a cohesive aesthetic in conjunctive regards to each location and it challenges.

The first of this series, curated solely by Neal Nolan, with the special assistance of VIVO Vancouver, is situated as the founding exhibit at Labyrinth Gallery featuring a seven tier video installation and fundraiser presented by the Misanthropy Gallery curators for the ACME studio building in development of their Labyrinth Gallery exhibition space initiative.

The open themed selected work spans a variety of international artists including Postgraduate of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design Russell J Chartier. Whom, along with his video art practice, has also worked in Broadcast Television with various networks including A&E and The History Channel.
From London, UK, the exhibit also embraces artist Kiron Hussain, winner of the Animate Projects Award for Best Experimental Film at the London Short Film Festival, and our own local artist Brian Kent Gotro, class of 2000 BFA graduate from UBC Okanagan, who’s work has shown internationally in Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Kelowna and Vancouver.

For additional information on these and other artists included in the exhibition please see Bios and links below.

l’esprit d’escalier
*Friday, July 29th**, 2011*

8pm – 1am
Labyrinth Gallery:

Rear entrance- 112 E. Hastings
ACME Studio building.

As part of building towards the founding of the alley entrance curatorial space (Labyrinth Gallery), and in coordination with the City’s mandate to develop the 100 block/ south side Hastings alley between Columbia and Main street at 112 E.Hastings (ACME Studio building), a series of fundraiser art exhibits will be presented creatively utilizing the building’s rear foyer, main and descending stairwell, main floor foyer and assenting to the top floor.

l’esprit d’escalier Artists:

Alexander Bell

Russell J Chartier​~paul/confined/chartier-bo​telho_confined-bios.pdf

Frederick Cummings​d=39&a=395556&pml=2&f=art_​notes&id=399952&s=60

Brian Kent Gotro​318496/videos

Kiron Hussain​11/01/kiron-hussain/

Alison Lilly

Riel McGuire: Poeta Productions

VJ Dred​ndex.php?option=com_frontp​age&Itemid=1

Neal E. Nolan et Darren Read

Musical performers:
Interior Design:​eriordesignmusic

Gameboysound: Feat- Sarah M. Zwaryck

The mandate of the Labyrinth Gallery is to support a variety of creative media to both artists and curators resident to the ACME Studio Building and local to Vancouver.
The gallery hosts a panel of directors accepting open curatorial submissions starting August 1st, 2011. (Labyrinth Artist Society)