Labyrinth Gallery SWARM Show Closing Event

ACME Studios will be hosting a closing show for the current exhibit in the Labyrinth Gallery Friday, September 23rd, from 6-11pm 112  East Hastings Street.

The finale will feature artists in attendance within a more intimate atmosphere- closed studios with viewing opportunity, drinks and a casual environment.

Back alley entrance, between Hastings and Pender, look for the doorman in an ACME Studios shirt.

The ACME Studio Building (112 E. Hastings) currently houses the Labyrinth Artist Society which is an artist-run collective, and has recently founded the Labyrinth Gallery; a back-alley entrance curatorial space between Columbia and Main street. In coordination with the City’s mandate to develop the 100 block/south side Hastings a series of fundraiser art exhibits will be presented; creatively utilizing the building’s rear foyer, main, and descending stairwell, main floor foyer, ascending to the top floor.

ACME Studios houses 18 studios, 3 galleries (GAM, Remmington & Labyrinth), and over 40 artists, ranging from photographers, painters, sculptors, jewellery designers, textile artists, and musicians.

Alexander Bell
Francis Tiffany
Adam Dodd
Scott Sueme
Neal E. Nolan
Eben Bender
Mike Haller
Duncan McCallum
Andrew Young
Planet Claire Pop-Up Shop
…and many more!

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